I have never considered myself to be a vain person. Having plastic surgery was not something I would have envisioned for my life. However, after more than 20 years with a sagging stomach and more than a 50 lb. weight loss I felt defeated. No matter how much I exercised, it was not going to go away.
I can remember my first appointment and how I was embarrassed to show the doctor my overhanging stomach. Quickly he made me feel comfortable and told me how he could rid me of this problem forever! I was on cloud nine and could not wait until the day of surgery.

I will not candy coat the idea that the first two weeks were tough (not with pain) but just simple things like finding a comfortable position to sleep and clothes that did not rub on the incision. The care of my incision took time but I did not have any post- operative problems. After the two weeks ended I realized that I was for the first time in years free of an unsightly stomach and that I could wear tight clothes!

I was so excited to go shopping and I thought I looked rather sexy. People noticed right away that I had lost weight (or so that is what they were thinking). I now feel more confident, and believe it or not I am having more surgery to remove my sagging arms and uplift my breasts. I can’t wait to go shopping again for new shirts that fit my new look!

I did not do this for anyone but myself, however I think my husband has enjoyed not only physical but emotional changes. Bathing suit weather, here I come!

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.