I had gastric by-pass in Nov. of 2004, I was lucky enough to lose 100 lbs. People would tell me I look great. But I still felt large. My arms and stomach were the worst. I thought about plastic surgery but always felt that it was for someone else. Then I though, “why not just check it out.” I was scared and excited at the same time. When I walked into the office, Debbie and Heidi greeted me. They made me feel like a person instead of a patient. They took me back to have a picture taken and then I met with Dr. Mukerji to discuss my arms and stomach. He explained both procedures to me and said that he could do both at the same time and that it would be an overnight stay. Then Debbie came in and gave me a breakdown on the cost of both procedures and gave information to me on different payment methods. She also gave me available dates for surgery. I walked out that day with all the information to make a decision that was best for me.

My hospital experience with Dr. Mukerji and his staff was one of the best; Dr. Mukerji’s bedside manner is awesome. I saw him before surgery and after I woke up. He also checked on me the next day and before I left.

My husband said he was well informed during my surgery by the staff. My aftercare was great, any concerns or a problem that came up – I was given Dr. Mukerji and his staff’s full attention. The best thing overall was the results. Saying I was happy is an understatement. I was so grateful I made that appointment! I look great, my stomach is flat and I can tuck my shirt in. I always like western clothes with belts now. I can wear them and I do look great! I wear t-shirts now, no more flopping skin. Dr. Mukerji and his staff made all this possible, and yes, I feel great about my weight loss now. I also look great – thank you so much!

Sincerely, R.B.
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