First of all, I want to extend a very special and much delayed ‘thank you’ during my bout with skin cancer. Dr. Mukerji and staff have to be the most caring staff. These are words for everyone; don’t let the words ‘plastic surgery’ scare you. I was in denial for a long time; I spent a lot of money on OTC items because I was so sure “this” would do the trick. Well it didn’t. I went in to a second season with this lip problem. I can’t count how many times someone said, “When are you going to the doctor about your lip?” Denial always won out. Finally last fall I saw my primary doctor, and he too was very kind. His nurse got me in to see a dermatologist right away. Of course the lesion was cancerous. I should have seen a doctor sooner. Much sooner!

I was given a choice of two surgeons. I chose Dr. Mukerji and was told that I had squamous cell carcinoma. Basal cell skin cancer is less severe – I should have gone to a doctor one season sooner. My family and friends gave me support and the day of my first visit at Dakota Plastic Surgery was very caring. Everyone made me feel like their only patient. Dr. Mukerji explained the lesions were too large for an office call and November 20th I could have surgery as an outpatient at Avera St. Luke’s.

The outpatient staff at Avera St. Luke’s was very kind. My family commented how calm I was when I left for surgery. Dr. Mukerji and his staff assured me I’d be fine and I tool those words right to surgery with me. My family went for a quick lunch and then to the same day surgery waiting room for results. Dr. M. came to visit about the results, which were good. My husband and children were so impressed with the doctor’s kindness and willingness to answer any questions. It was as if the day was only for us.

Again, I can’t say enough praise for the Dakota Plastic Surgery staff and their words “it will be okay” took me a long way.

Thanks so much,


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