I worried before my surgery that I might regret having a reduction. However, I can honestly say that I do not regret anything about having my breast reduction. My circumstances were that I had neck & shoulder pain, rashes and headaches. I was lucky that my insurance covered a majority of the surgery costs because I had medical issues and my reduction was not for ‘cosmetic’ reasons. Cosmetic ended up being a bonus! Oh, and another bonus is that it doesn’t hurt or isn’t embarrassing to run or walk fast anymore.

I was so embarrassed before my first appointment – until everyone at Dr. Mukerji’s office made me feel at ease. I remember being scared before the surgery because it was my first surgery ever. Everything went well and the pain afterward was nothing like I expected. It was much easier than I thought it would be.

The staff at the hospital was great and treated me awesome. Almost immediately after my surgery, the neck aches, shoulder aches and rashes stopped. It was amazing! It is wonderful that shirts aren’t always stretched tight over my breasts! And they don’t get in the way anymore! I often see women with very large breasts and I want to tell them they should check into breast reduction, that they wouldn’t regret it. Go for it, YOU won’t regret it!

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