My name is Tracie and I decided one year ago this past November that I was going to get a breast reduction. I had been suffering from back, shoulder and neck pain so I decided to go see a chiropractor. I had also starting taking better care of myself physically by joining an area gym and working out 4-5 days a week. I thought that this extra pain was coming from my finally being active. I was also suffering from lots of knee and foot pain, and again I thought I thought it was from exercising. My chiropractor had told me that since I was becoming more physically active that I should maybe step it up a little bit and start jogging. That’s where Dr. Mukerji comes in.

I told my chiropractor that I felt I had the energy to start jogging but I was cursed with 42DD breasts. I told him there was no way that I would be able to jog without knocking myself out with my breasts. My chiropractor asked me if I had ever considered a breast reduction. It was something that I had on my mind constantly but never thought it an option for me. This is the way God made me and I was going to have to have to deal with it.

I was only 29 years old and thought I was too young to have this kind of surgery, plus I thought it was something that I was never going to be able to afford, thinking my health insurance wouldn’t even consider it. My chiropractor made a phone call to Dr. Mukerji and told him my situation, and the next day I was on my way to have my first consultation. Dr. Mukerji and his staff were so great. They never treated me like I was just another patient; they made me feel very comfortable. I am a very shy person, so I was extremely hesitant on showing them my “problem”. A few phone calls to my insurance company and the okay from them saying I could go ahead with surgery and I was back having the procedure done. Dr. Mukerji came into the pre-op room, explained to me what he was going to do, asked me if I had any questions and asked me what I wanted before he did the surgery and what to expect when it was all over. Before I knew it, I was in the recovery room with smaller breasts. It was so exciting. The recovery room nurses told me that not very many people wake up from surgery with a smile on their face.

A week later I visited Heidi in Dr. Mukerji’s office to have my stitches snipped. The following week I went back to see her to have the stitches removed. I was so grateful for all the follow-ups. This way I knew that Dr. Mukerji and his staff really care or their patients. I had my one-year follow up with Dr. Mukerji and I am very pleased with my results. It’s amazing how much better my back, shoulders and neck feel, and how much better shirts fit me. My activity level has gone way up because I’m not in pain anymore. I just want to thank Dr. Mukerji and his staff for their one-of-a-kind care and professionalism and for my new 42 B’s. I would highly recommend Dr. Mukerji to anyone!

Thank you for your time and care,
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